BHA –Taking lead:

The Buganda Heritage Association UK/Ireland decided to take lead by organizing a stakeholders seminar to hear the voices and views of the people from varying perspectives as concerns the knife crime siege happening mostly in the black community. The Ugandan community living in UK has registered victims and perpetrators.

A lot of views were made especially the youths complaining of respect from parents likewise parents putting it back to the youth to be mindful of their duties and responsibilities.

But the main aim of the seminar was to create awareness among various parties to share and encourage having an open dialogue with view to promote a collective approach to dealing with risks and impact on social well being.
The seminar addressed the following areas for purposes of guiding the dialogues and help map out how far we could widen our understanding of this crime.

What makes one a perpetrator or one to being a highly potential victim?

Are there warning signs to do preventative work
What do we miss and where should we go for help when warning signs show “amber lights”