This is an initiative to bolster the relationship between the community youth and the adults where they happen to meet as families belonging to that unique community.


Points of reference:

Strengthening of community spirit and leadership development for that particular community and its ethos.
Confidence building among adults and youth. Adults gain confidence in relating with and passing on communal values to the youth.

Encouraging the youth to assist the adults in addressing their anxieties about new technologies and other ‘dotcom’ views on life.

Background Evidence:

The capability and confidence gained by the youth to talk before mixed audiences where adults in different capacities and responsibilities sat at the same table to participate in taking lead, started as a small talk at the corner of a church hall after the main church service.
It was at this corner we started to talk on small table which was symbolic of shared values and opinions.
The youth were then introduced to the idea of the Nnaabagereka’s programme.

Then we formed a little group of willing youths who made a presentation on Youth Crime Awareness.

The crime awareness youth team started informally through engaging fellow youth on the Nnaabagereka’s effort of sensitising about politeness, courtesy, decency, good manners (‘Obuntubulamu’) in the children and households in general.

They were given the task of writing on crime, particularly knife crime, and they enunciated their views well in poems and drama activities.

The response of the people to this noble cause and the experiences from the youth has been unprecedented where they confidently express their feelings and views about inter-generational non-connect, challenges, conflicts and opportunities.

The youth feeling listened to and the adults not talking over them and the adults benefiting from realising that the kids have their views and a different sense of the world we share.