For so long when we meet we have failed to involve the youth to partake in conversations with adults in that community.
We need to ask: ‘Why and how could we do it better, and how often?’

The way forward:
A need to facilitate the youth to occupy those spaces/seats and take on roles currently carried out by adults (a good example: involve/encourage the youth in serving tea and snacks after church services or house parties.

On the surface, the youth seem not to be interested in getting involved in community activities; but it’s partly that they have not been introduced to those tasks which would bind them to the community.

FORMAT: (Operational framework)

Every after the monthly service we could allocate 10—15 minutes of “Bridging The Gap” where a youth would choose an adult with whom he/she does not normally engage to get to ask questions of interest.

The adults can talk about basic cultural norms and ethics, e.g. being good citizen, building self-confidence, community involvement and social responsibility.

This youth-led quarter hour to be used to make presentations like questions and answers on a chosen (but edited) topic as adults share their views and experiences.
This needs to be protected time and all parents are requested to respect it and support the program.